Isabel Berglund: Blurring the Lines Between completely different Art Forms

    Isabel Berglund: Blurring the Lines Between completely different Art Forms

    I am frequently impressed by fiber artists World Health Organization step outside the box. Knit creative person Isabel Berglund is somebody World Health Organization colours outside the lines and styles by her own rules. Her distinctive installations think of perception and reality, inflicting the viewer to question the interactive surroundings she creates.

    Berglund studied style at Denmark's style college, Danish capital and Central Saint Martins school in London. Her installations and sculptures are featured internationally in museums and galleries like Danish capital Arthall in Danmark, Museo Poldi Pezzoli in Milano, and deposit Bellerive in Zurich.

    Berglund hand-knits her items in an endeavor to question the requirement of categorizing art forms. She says "[her] work {is styleed|is meant|is intended} to put itself in between classes like design, art and fashion. It queries once a piece belongs in a very bound class, and why."

    One of her items, titled Closet needleworker, could be a cabbage butterfly closet made of yarn. Inside, there's a sweater that seems to be a chair, and a wig that seems to be a light-weight fixture. The closet, sweater and wig square measure all made of an equivalent white yarn, creating the distinct options of the piece blur along. It forces the viewer to question the fact of the piece and ask: is that the sweater truly a chair? is that the wig a light-weight fixture? is that the closet a room? Berglund's sculptures and installations produce a brand new story with common fibers. She creates surprising realities from everyday pictures.

    Another piece by Berglund, A Social Project, creates associate degree surprising reality. The exhibition could be a little house lined in bright red yarn. rather than being in a very deposit, the piece is next to a row of comparable homes. Once again, Berglund has United States questioning her art. Is it alleged to be a house, or a show of knitwear? For Berglund, it seems to be each. Her combination of the 2 separate entities could be a show, meant to demolish existing social group concepts. The work shows that it is art, a large knit, and a house; it does not got to simply be one. Berglund systematically obliterates classic definitions together with her though-provoking art. Her piece Social Project echoes the challenge she presents with Closet needleworker, and more shows that her work cannot, and may not, be categorised.

    The distinctive items Berglund creates square measure innovative and abstract. i like her ability to bend visual reality together with her work and blur the lines between completely different art forms.

    Virginia Arrisueño is that the owner and designer of DeNada style. She seeks to mix modern designs with ethnic parts to supply fashionable nevertheless high-quality merchandise on wish to examine photos of Berglund's work and skim a lot of concerning different fiber artists? Visit the DeNada Blog:
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